GS4C featured on Genio&Impresa

6 October 2019

GS4C was featured on Genio&Impresa, the online magazine of Assolombarda. Assolombarda. Assolombarda is part of Confindustria (Italian Entrepreneurial Association). The associated firms employ more than 365.000 workers locally and several hundred thousands in the whole country. The article followed a long interview with GS4C founders at the Genoa Boatshow, where the collaboration with Amer Yachts was presented to the press. Amer Yacht recently signed a collaboration with GS4C in order to move away from fiberglass and opt for sustainable and recyclable composites reinforced with Filava, the enriched basalt fiber promoted by GS4C.

You can read the article (in Italian) here: Dal Basalto arricchito alle imbarcazioni la nuova filiera è sostenibile e riciclabile